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February 15th, 2010 ]
omg lol i haven't been on this thing in years... well i am pretty much still the same person xcept now i have like some new firends and i like sometimes hang out with boys now. lol but i am about to go to college and  i just liek cannot wait!!! today i skipped school (lol) and i like watched mtv all day it was great  lol but comment if you want to update me on what you did today...

to [Wednesday
February 14th, 2007 ]



megahn if you end up goign on to this whne u are liek 40 eyars old just read this toand im guess that i will probbly leaughtt


curreny i am at emrcy and liek it my friedns are julianna adn hillary adn bridget and sare-bare are my main friends.



and ther are no boys of my intrest caus enewfelsh  i u dident no i go to an all girl school and i am excited for the st marys dacee on march 2 2007


September 6th, 2005 ]
first day of school

today was soo great how liek i got to see everyone but it liek suck liek no we have to do like homework and stuff like that. wel anyways first hour i seirra and carly are in that class with me and we got assigned seets and i have to sit by jennifer and sean soo yeha its ok.. then seciond hour i had steele and i got in adv math this year and she was going liek way top fast for me liek i really feel stupied in that class. and um.. third hour is pretty awsome i got liek amanda anisa and racheal and conner and sean and um.. alot of other peopel adn we took liek a teast and like it was soo stupied but w/e then i went to spanish and like is was a whole confussing thing liek we didd not no what lunch we have but anyway i feel really bad for karly cause she is in like a lunch liek all alone. then i went to scholesky for 5 and 6 and then to dance soo yeah


September 4th, 2005 ]
When life makes you have to put up with mean and hateful people, just think of them as sandpaper. They may scratch you, rub you the wrong way, but eventually you'll end up smooth and polished and the sandpaper, that's just gon' be worn out and ugly.

xoox meghan

July 23rd, 2005 ]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i hvae not updated in like forever.

so yeah i have been really buzzy i went to camp with kelsey and ashley and we had a blast and we met alot of cool friends. and then i went to cheer camp and it was so tireing but it was fun. yeha so now i and just hanging out with karly and i am going to south carolina in liek a week adn i am so excited. call me in like 2 week and we can make planes. i can not believe that liek the summer is like 2/3 over..


June 24th, 2005 ]
[ mood | bouncy ]


so right now i am in the lobby of liek teh grand travers place thingy.. haha ok so well today was our first whold day and we like didi a ton of hings. first we woke up got breakfast adn went down and played tennis ... omg hot hot hot liek they did not have air condisioning. ok then after that we went into the indore pool and like swam for a little bit and then went to this meeting for my dad and we got cookies and like candy. then we decider to go to the lake so we went and then we got jet skis but only 2 so we had to take turns. alli was liek going so fricken fast. whooo hoooo ok then we came back and then showerd nad then went back to the beach and there was liek a moon boncer and like all of these game and i accdintaly through a hacky sack into the river hahah ok and then we came back to the hotal adn went to this restreant in it and had desert and opend my gift and i got liek a ton of things from victoria secreat beacause of the sale and i also got a blue i pod. i am sooo happy on yeha and then we went to this stor in teh hotal adn got candy and now i am on teh inernet and same with alli sitting next to me adn we are gonna go to back to our rorm but i am afried case liek there is a gug thunderstrom and i am liek scared to walk outside .



June 19th, 2005 ]
its fathers day and i just redid my lj tell me if you like this one or the green heart one better


June 17th, 2005 ]

omg it si the last day of school!!!

it was so sad Reachel is leaving adn same with ryan.. i can not believe it it is so sad it make me want to cry forever






June 11th, 2005 ]
[ mood | i like someone..... ]

so i juts got back from spencers adn had a blast. well first julias mom came and picked me up adn she gave me some cover up lol julia ok then when we got there we do like did this lypsynking contest adn it was retared so i just sat there fro liek and hour and a half and then we danced and the guys kept slaping me and amandas butts when we did the hussel. omg and then they got in trouble he ha. then when a slow dance can i made kelsey dance with jonny and she was liek saying no she had to make me dance withsome and she wated me to go with like thsi robert kid but i was like i do not even no his name so the next slow dance she mad me dance with donald witch was ok. so then the party ended early adn my mom went to the worng place and ran into a wedding adn was liek is meghan here omg ha ha but then i called her and she got me and julia adn we came home.

tomarrow doing this math packet and call me to hang out

only 4 1/2 day of school ox


June 6th, 2005 ]
OmGOsH only 8 1/2 more days of school.. who is excited!!!

June 6th, 2005 ]
[ mood | mellow ]

#1 karly
#2 kelsey
#3 amanda
#4 rachel
#5 rachael
#6 anisa
#7 allison h
#8 allison k.
#9 sean
#10 ashley
#11 kelly
#12 abby
#13 kristie
#14 joey
#15 matt
#16 christian
#17 lyndsay
#18 jackie
#19 sarah
#20 ryan

Is #9 a boy or a girl? girl
Would #11 and #2 make a cute couple? maybe?
How about #18 and #4?maybe...hah
What grade is #17 in? 6
When was the last time you talked to #12? on friday
What is #6's favorite band?i think she likes ashlee simpson but she is not a band
Does #1 have any siblings? yeha 2 brother kyle adn kevin
Would you ever date #3? yes .. ha ha
Is #16 single?yeha like 3 brothers i think
What's #15's last name? leedy
What's #10's middle name? idk i fogot
What's #5's favorite thing to do?be with me hah
Is #13 hot? yeh he he
Would #14 and #19 make a good couple? noo..
What school does #20 go to? abbott
Tell me a random fact about #11: she is a blast to hang out with a good at sports
And #1:she loves shopping
And #3: she loves the color pink
Have you ever had a crush on #15? nope
Where does #9 live? idk
What's #4 favorite color? i dno maybe orange
Are #5 & #6 best friends? yah..
Does #7 like #20? not sure they dot no eachother a lot
Does #8 like #19? i dont think she knows her...
How did you meet #2? we live next store to eachother sence we where liek 5
How did you meet #18? umm cheerleading
Does #10 have any pets? yeha 2 cats omgosh they are s0o0o0o scary
Is #12 older than you? no
Is # 17 the sexiest person alive, or what? o yeah



May 30th, 2005 ]
over the weekend

friday- umm.. nothin
saturday- hung out with kelsey lol uhh oo i think we missed it h ah ah and then alli hung out with us and we went to kelseys propity and i learned how to drive a lawn mower lol i could not controul the thing at ALL!
sunday- the best day evere i woke up adn again hung out with kelsey and then amanda and we talked and watched a movie adn then amanda helped us get ready for marisas party and then she went home and then my mom came and picked us up. when we got there we met this really hot guy.. i am cold but if i stand next to aaron i am steamin lol ok so then when a slow dance cam on i danced with him... well everyone danced with him he was the hotttest guy at the party then we like all started danceing adn it was hillarous he new everyword to everysong and he was like rapping lol rachael... then he had to go and we where really sad but it was ok becasue the party was not all about him it was about marisa ... you did a great job adn the party was a blast then aroung 12 mr kowliski came and picked us up and i went home

monday- went to st marys fair with kelsey adn saw amanda and matt and sam adn then erica and we all went in the un house and i was like tangled it was hillarous. soo yeha i wanted to go on the ring of fire but noone would go with me soo i guess i will ahve to wait till next year for that. then i saw julia and danny adn luna and jennifer and me adn juna played a b ball game but we both lost : ( then we ran into julia adn we where going to go on the glider things but we couldent we had to go home sorry bot that julia but she got sooo tan from flordia. then i came home adn i just went on the computer soo yeha

tuesday_ going to Maryen even though i do not wnat to then coming back for cheer
wednesday_ theeth apomient and then coming back for cheer
thursday_ nothin call me for planes
friday_ my parents are going to chicago but i think i am going to i am not sure yet?

wow i am gonna miss alot of school this week

omg only 10 more days of school when friday is over... this year flew by i had a blast nad cant wait till next year

May 19th, 2005 ]

only 4 more days till

CEdeR pOInT!!


comment if you cant wait


May 18th, 2005 ]
//these are my 3 faveorit song right now comment if you like them//

The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful • Stop me and steal my breath • Emeralds from mountains thrust towards the sky • Never revealing their depth • Tell me that we belong together Dress it up with the trappings of love • I'll be captivated, I'll hang from your lips • Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above • I'll be your cryin' shoulder • I'll be love suicide • I'll be better when I'm older • I'll be the greatest fan of your life • Rain falls angry on the tin roof • As we lie awake in my bed • You're my survival, you're my living proof • My love is alive and not dead • Tell me that we belong together • Dress it up in the trappings of love • I'll be captivated, I'll hang from your lips • Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above • I'll be your cryin' shoulder • I'll be love suicide • I'll be better when I'm older • I'll be the greatest fan of your life • I've dropped out, burned up, fought my way back from the dead • Tuned in, turned on, remembered the thing you said • • I'll be your cryin' shoulder • I'll be love suicide • I'll be better when I'm older • I'll be the greatest fan of your life •

Stranger than your sympathy·This is my apology·I'm killing myself from the inside out·All my fears have pushed you out·I wish for things that I don't need·All I wanted·And what I chase won't set me free·All I wanted·And I get scared but I'm not crawling on my knees·Oh yeah everything's all wrong yeah·Everything's all wrong yeah·Where the hell did I think I was·Stranger than your sympathy·I take these things so I don't feel·I'm killing myself form the inside out·Now my head's been filled with doubt·It's hard to lead the life you choose·All I wanted·When all your luck's run out on you·All I wanted·You can't see when all your dreams are coming true·Oh yeah it's easy to forget yeah·You choke on the regrets yeah·Who the hell did I think I was·Stranger than your sympathy·All these thoughts you stole form me·I'm not sure where I belong·Nowhere's home and I'm all wrong·And I wasn't all the things·I tried to make believe I was·And I wouldn't be the one to kneel·Before the dreams I wanted·And all the talk and all the lies·Were all the empty things disguised as me·Yeah stranger than your sympathy stranger than your sympathy

·I've been searching for ·A heart that needs a heart like mine ·i've been reaching for ·A hand that understands·i’ve been waiting for ·Someone that I can love that loves me ·Loves me for the one that I am ·Someone to hold me when I'm lonely ·Someone to keep the rain away ·(Chorus:) ·One in this world for everyone ·One Heart ·One soul to walk beside you ·One in this life to share you're love ·One touch ·To touch the heart inside you ·Wanna reach for each night ·Wanna trust with you're life ·Thats what I believe (I believe) ·You're the one (You're the one) ·You're the one in this world for me ·I've been praying that ·Someone like you would rescue me ·I've been hoping that ·i'd find my way to you ·I've been dreaming that ·Somehow I'd finally find somebody ·Somebody to make my dreams come true ·Someone to hold me when I'm lonely ·Someone to give my whole world to ·(Chorus:) ·One in this world for everyone ·One Heart ·One soul to walk beside you ·One in this life to share you're love ·One touch·To touch the heart inside you ·Wanna reach for each night ·Wanna trust with you're life ·Thats what I believe (I believe) ·You're the one (You're the one) ·You're the one in this world for me ·Someone to hold me when I'm lonely ·Someone to tell my secrets to ·Someone who's living for me only ·Someone to give my whole world to ·They say they say ·They say they say ·(Chorus:) ·One in this world for everyone ·One Heart ·One soul to walk beside you ·One in this life to share you're love ·One touch ·To touch the heart inside you ·Wanna reach for each night ·Wanna trust with you're life ·Thats what I believe (I believe) ·You're the one ·You're the one in this world for me ·You're the one ·You're the one in this world for me ·You're the one

May 18th, 2005 ]
[ mood | blah ]

omg i ahev not updated in liek so long .....

well today was pretty boring but at the end of the day...1st hour nothin then lisoned to music with karly in 2ed third solos boring 4th hour was scarry ha haha i see dead people the bookes fell!!! lunch me kelly adn manda and ashley we going to play b ball but we had to find trevor. 5th anisa where did your shoes go?? math went outside and hung out with 6th greaders seventh i went to the dance concert and we got to see amanda // great job // well then after that i went to cheer at scotch and it was fun and i got the cutest girls in my group then i came home and karly called and we are going to go to the night dance show. when we got there like the only people that where there adn in 7th grade was matt and allison so we hung out with them. then amanda and kristie and nat and jane did great. asfter words we went to dairy queen. and we saw steph and jane and nat and kristie there and we talked to them then on the way home we song oldies songs. // lol amanda she woar a rasberry brunay then that pertty much it soo yeah..


April 30th, 2005 ]
[ mood | drained ]

omg i had the funnest time of my life

so ya yesterday kelsey celbrated her birthday party and it wsa a blast we played hide and go seek. then when vick came we hid from her // karly lol whos dog is this? ok ya then we ate food adn cake. after that we played ddr adn this drum game and it was funn. ok then we did skits and they where hallirous. // lol sanana sonequa and chantel!! then we went on line and it was like 10 30 and we decided that we where oing to stay up till like 6 but we put in a movie and that was going to make me fall asleep so me kelly amanda vivky ashley and allison played squares//lol kelly ooo i am annn oold grand maa i can not see.// lay her on back back turn around and give her a amack samck lol ha ha larous. then kelsey came and same with karly and we played spoons or // spoonsful he he kelsey i ROCKED ok soo ya we like got kilkld i have like 13 bruses from that game and we where gettin tired so we wnt on a race in kelsey basement and it was funny adn we got hungry so we went up stairs adn got pizza adn then mr mcgill woke up adn it was like 3 am // what are u doing up right now? ha ha and then we just keep on playing cards adn we ahve lots of laughs. ok sso then we called 955 and requested a song but they never played it. and then it was liek 5 so we decided to put a movie on but we could not decide and then we got in a huge arggument lol about where people where going to sleep. and once it was 6 everyone fell asleep. then teh next morning we had wafuls and we played more cards adn it was fun adn then i went home


Bring your daughter to work day [Thursday
April 28th, 2005 ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

right now i am at my dads work eating olive garden with the wonderful stac. then we are going to go play with my dads wheelchair. lol umm well so far today all that we ahve done was we go a faceial and then we did lots of copying then we filed papers and i did not no my alaphbet so it took me forever. lol ok well then i was playing with the music system and i plays my music vennassa carlton and my dad was mad. then one of m dad workes was going to pick up her daughter from school cause she had a half day but she wanted to go to the mall so then me dalanie and stacy all went to the mall together and i got cute pants and a polo and that is about it.


ex oh ex oh

comment and tell me what you did to day....


April 12th, 2005 ]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Wooooo HOooo


cheer started up again adn i am soo happy. well today we met our new coach and she is kinds weird i would so rather have michelle but yeah what ever. we learned this really hard dance and cheer. well i do not no who i should pick for a little sister. if any 6th graders that are in cheerleading that see this comment and you can be mine. well i am just soo excited and i can not wait till tomarro.


after cheer was over amanda came over and we worked on some homework together. then amanda said she was hungry and then my brother said ice-cream man x2 and then me and amanda chased him down the hill lol. then we went on the trampoline and we called linnea and kelsey adn they came over too. then amandas dad came and we talked a lot about fgg's 500 and 25523 c22 ( ha ah he) then i just jumped on the trampoline with kelsey and linnea and then i came in and i homework.


kelsey house [Sunday
April 3rd, 2005 ]
[ mood | dancing ]


i can not belive that the brake flew by so fast. today i woke up by the lovely amanda on the fone and she asked me to go ice skating so then i went and had a blast (and it was eight feet long  ha ha he )then we all went over to kelsey crib with amanda and ashley.  then we went to Dillions and play basketball.  Then went over to Ryans and played basketball again. ( we kicked ass in basketball we are the next pros)  When we got back we were going to make a movie, but then amandas dad came, and she had to leave which really sucked. Now we are just online.


QuIz [Saturday
April 2nd, 2005 ]
[ mood | blah ]

what you be rather bee

a person who likes ther body and fat or a peson who hates there body and are skinny

a person with no friends or a person with lots of friends but every one secretly hats you

a sickness that makes you fall asleep every 10 min. or being mentaly retarted

a millionair brat or a child 1 of 11 that always gets hand me downs

a person who likes ther body and fat or a peson who hates there body and are skinny

a milatery child who moves every min and can make friends easily or a child who never moves and has no friends

comment please


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